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Topic #46: Women using mascara in Islam, is it permissible?

Women using mascara in Islam, is it permissible? [mascara in islam; applying mascara; kya mascara laga sakte hai]

There is nothing wrong with using mascara because it is a kind of permissible adornment like kohl but that is on condition that one should not appear wearing it in front of any non-mahram men.

It does not matter that it makes the eyelashes look longer or thicker; but false eyelashes are not allowed because they come under the same heading as hair extensions which are regarded as objectionable.

The thing to be careful about is that with some types of mascara wudhu (ablution) is not valid because they prevent the water from reaching beneath them. So, it is better to wash it off before doing wudhu or making wudhu before applying it.

And Allah knows best!

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