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Topic #31: Wishing non-muslim on their festival or special occasions, is it permissible?

Wishing non-muslim on their festival or special occasions, is it permissible? [wishing non muslim merry christmas; wishes non muslim diwali; how to wish non muslim on their festival; wish birthday for non muslim]

There is absolutely no harm if one greets or congratulates one's non-muslim friends on their personal accomplishments and happy occasions like their marriage, the birth of their baby, or their children's graduation, or a promotion in their job, etc.

In light of the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah, the jurors in Islam have listed four categories which would make any celebration or gathering forbidden:

1. The celebration should not be a pagan religious festival.

2. The celebration should not involve any shirk.

3. The celebration should not involve or encourage fahisha (lust) or indecency or any of the things absolutely forbidden in Islam (alcohol, gambling, etc.)

4. The celebration should not indulge in excess spending.

There are many other and better ways where a believer can display his well-wishes towards his non-muslim friends, neighbors, colleagues, etc. by being kind, just, honest, and always truthful with them, giving them good advice, and being their sincere well-wisher at all times. If the believers strive with their good character and best manners as always befits a muslim, it would go a long way in promoting good cordial relations with their non-muslim brethren, rather than celebrating their festivals with them.

And Allah knows best!

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