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Topic #53: Wearing nail polish in Islam. Applying henna on nails.

Wearing nail-polish in Islam. Applying henna on nails.

Wearing nail-polish in Islam. Applying henna on nails. [wearing henna in islam; applying henna in islam; nakhun polish lagana; applying nail polish in islam; islam nail polish; islam nail polish prayer; nail polish and wudu; kya nail polish laga sakte hain]

There is absolutely no harm or restrictions if a woman apply nail-polish or henna on her nails.

The only issue with nail-polish, when applied on the nails, it does not allow water to touch the nails; whereas one amongst the obligatory conditions of wudu is to wash ones hands in such a way that no part of it must remain dry. If the woman does the wudu first, and then applies the nail-polish, there is absolutely no harm in her offering her prayers with nail polish on her nails.

Unlike the nail-polish which is a non-porous coating, the henna or mehndi is a porous die which allows water through it. Thus doing wudu after one has applied henna on their hands or nails is absolutely lawful.

Though in case of every adornment, it should not be done in order to show it to non-mahrams and one should be careful about this.

And Allah knows best!

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