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Topic #65: Using alcohol based perfume in Islam, is it permissible?

Using alcohol based perfume in Islam, is it permissible?

Using alcohol based perfume in Islam, is it permissible? [alcohol in deodorant islam; alcoholic perfume in islam; kya perfume lagana haram hai; islam deodorant alcool]

First of all, it is necessary to know that no matter what kind it is, alcohol doesn't invalidate wudhu when it is wiped or spread on the clothes.

Secondly, there is nothing wrong in using perfumes or deodorants containing alcohol, cologne or spirit as it is forbidden to consume intoxicants but using it for other purposes such as in the perfumes or for sterilizing wounds is permissible.

The thing that invalidates prayer is the presence of impurities on ones body or clothes. But not all haram (forbidden) things in Islam are impure for example: gold and silk are declared haram for the believing men, but gold and silk in their essence are not impure substances. Similarly, the majority of the scholars and jurists in Islam are of the opinion that although the consumption of alcohol is haram and absolutely forbidden for the Muslims, alcohol by itself is not an impure substance. Thus there is no harm if one uses perfumes and the alcohol used in making these perfume touches the clothes or some parts of the body; as long as it is not consumed and entered into the body. The prayer of such a person, if Allah Wills, would be accepted.

The safest, purest and closest to piety would be if the believers change their alcohol based perfumes with the many available attars or perfumes which do not contain any alcohol; and thus absolutely remove any doubts which may exist.

And Allah knows best!

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