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Topic #72: Ruling on doing wudu over socks. Wudu on socks.

Ruling on doing wudu over socks. Wudu on socks.

Ruling on doing wudu over socks. Wudu on socks. [wudhu socks islamqa; wudhu socks ruling; socks k sath wazu; leather socks wudu; wudu masah on socks]

Firstly, the socks should be thick enough to cover the feet properly and the feet should not be visible through them.

Now, four conditions apply to wiping over/doing wudhu over the socks:

The first condition:

That they should have been put on when one was in a state of tahaarah (purity, i.e., when one has wudhu)

The second condition:

That the khufoof (leather slippers which cover the ankle) or socks should be taahir (pure). If they are naajis (impure) then it is not permissible to wipe over them.

The third condition:

They may be wiped over when one is purifying oneself from minor impurity (i.e., doing wudhu after passing wind, urine or stools), not when one is in a state of janaabah (major impurity following sexual activity) or when ghusl is required.

The fourth condition:

That the wiping may be done within the time specified by sharee’ah, which is one day and one night in the case of one who is not travelling, and three days and three nights in the case of one who is travelling.

And Allah knows best!

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