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Topic #20: Reading Qur'an in mobile phone, is it permissible? Reading Qur'an without wudu?

Reading Qur'an in mobile phone, is it permissible? Ruling regarding reading Qur'an in mobile without wudu [मोबाइल में कुरान पढ़ना कैसा है; kya mobile me quran padh sakte hai; wazu ke bagair quran parhna].

It is perfectly fine to download the Qur'an as an app, audio files, video files, pdf format etc in our mobile phones but one should always download it from an authentic and reliable source.

Though it is better to have wudhu while reciting it, but one can recite or listen to it even without wudhu specially in the case of reciting or listening it from the mobile phone as you are actually holding your phone and not the Mushaf (collection of pages).

One can take the mobile phone in which the Qur'an is downloaded to the washroom when the Qur'an app or pdf or audio or video is not on the screen or playing. One should refrain from opening the Qur'an app or pdf or playing the audio or video while in the washroom out of respect for the holy book.

One should avoid touching the Qur'an (Mushaf and not the app or pdf file) while in the state of impurity but as far as reciting or listening to it is concerned one can recite or listen it even in the state of impurity/janabah or while not having wudhu.

And Allah knows best!

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