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Topic #70: Procedure of marriage in Islam. Process of marriage in Islam.

Procedure of marriage in Islam. Process of marriage in Islam. [marriage in islam; islamic marriage process; muslim marriage process in india; nikah process in islam; how to do nikah in islam; nikah ka tarika; nikah kese hota hai; nikah kese karte hain]

Islam has made the procedure of marriage extremely simple and economical. It is we who take it as a big thing and spends extravagantly on it.

Procedure of getting married in Islam consists of the following simple and easy ways:

1. Searching for a spouse (based on her deen).

2. Sending her a proposal.

3. Determination of mahr (dower) to be given by the groom to the bride.

4. The presence of 2 witnesses to the Nikah (marriage) contract.

5. Consent of both bride and groom in Nikah.

6. Giving a wedding banquet (walima) by the groom or groom's family to the bride's family (this is not necessary for a marriage to get completed but it is a preferred Sunnah)

The Sunnah is to make the marriage an easy and affordable affair, but unfortunately today a lot of customs and rituals have crept-in in the process of marriage, most of which have absolutely no basis in Islam. Most of these processes are no more than a boast and a show, one party trying to outdo the other's wedding, and an open ground for the spread of indecency, and the mix gathering of the sexes; thus playing straight into the hands of the Shaytaan. So much wealth is squandered in such marriages that it tends to become a burden on the poor of society when it is their turn to get married.

And Allah knows best!

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