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Topic #28: How to convince your parents for your marriage?

How to convince your parents for your marriage?

How to convince your parents for your marriage? [convincing parents for love marriage islam; parents ko shadi ke liye kaise manaye; mummy papa ko shadi ke liye kaise manaye]

So you found somebody that you would like to marry, or you would like to get married, but you are afraid to tell your parents.

There is nothing to feel shy or fearful about this. It is a natural desire and process to seek marriage when one is of age and ready.

I will kindly suggest that you speak to your parents. If you feel shy, you may wish to write a letter that you can then read to them. This often helps one focus better on what you want to say. Oftentimes shyness can cause us to forget what we have to say, miss certain important points, or get sidetracked in a conversation. By writing out what you would like to say, you can structure it in simple points yet express all your feelings at the same time.

You may also wish to discuss the type of person that you feel you would be compatible with to marry if you have not already found someone.

When you tell your parents, you may be pleasantly surprised to find out that they are open, receptive, and happy to help you. It may be that they are thinking of marriage too, but do not know how to approach you either! It could be that they feel you are not ready to get married yet, or they think you do not want to get married. By telling them, you are letting them know that you are ready for marriage. Insha'Allah, your parents will be very helpful and supportive of your desire to get married.

If they are not supportive, you still have the right in Islam to get married regardless. While it is always the best to have our parents’ blessings for our marriage, we do not need their permission as it is your right Islam has given to you. If the potential spouse is Islamically acceptable for you to marry, there should be no barriers to marriage in Islam.

And Allah knows best!

Article taken from aboutislam

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