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Topic #42: How a woman is supposed to offer salah where non-mahrams can see her like at workplace?

How a woman is supposed to offer salah where non-mahrams can see her like at workplace etc? [salah in public; na mehram ke samne namaz]

When a woman is praying her whole body is 'awrah (a term used within Islam which denotes the intimate parts of the body) and she must cover all of her body.

Ruling regarding covering face:

If she is alone or with her mahrams, then she may uncover her face when praying. But if she is in the presence of non-mahram men, then she should cover her face when praying and at other times, because the face is ‘awrah.

Fataawah al-Mar’ah al-Muslim, 1/315.

Ruling regarding covering feet and hands:

According to the majority of scholars, the feet must also be covered; some scholars allow uncovering the feet but the majority say the opposite. Abu Dawud reported from Umm Salamah (may Allah be pleased with her) that she was asked about a woman who prayed in a khimaar and qamees (dress or gown). She said, "There is nothing wrong with it if the dir’ (chemise) covers her feet." In any case, it is better to cover the feet, to be on the safe side. As far as the hands are concerned, there is more leeway: there is nothing wrong with either covering them or uncovering them, although some scholars think that it is better to cover them.

And Allah knows best!

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