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Topic #38: Can women work in Islam in order to support parents, husband or family?

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Can women work in Islam in order to support parents, husband or family?

A Muslim woman must not be excessive in going out from home unless it is a valid necessity that cannot be fulfilled unless she goes out. So, if she has need to go out, she must observe proper hijab. However, if a woman is able to stay at home, that is better and protective for her.

Though Islam has laid the complete financial responsibility in running a household or family on the shoulders of men and women has absolutely no financial responsibility or obligation laid upon her by Islam to provide for even a grain of rice for the family but she is allowed to work in order to support her family.

However, there are a few things a woman should keep in mind:

  1. Refrain from working in an environment which demands men & women to work at same place together

  2. The dress code should be followed. She should cover herself properly.

  3. Rights of husband are not negatively affected

  4. Husband's permission

  5. Parent's permission (if not married)

  6. Surety that one's faith will not be at risk

  7. Business doesn't involve haram dealings or things that are prohibited. E.g. wine production

And Allah knows best!

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