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Topic #32: Can we take oath on Quran? Kaffara (expiation) for breaking oath on Quran.

Can we take oath on Qur'an? Kaffara (expiation) for breaking oath on Qur'an. [quran ki kasam khana; quran ki jhooti kasam khana; quran ki qasam todne ka kaffara; quran ki kasam ka kaffara; quran ki kasam torna]

First of all, it is not advisable to take any oath whether true or false on the Qur'an.

Secondly, if someone takes a false oath on the Qur'an then he or she should know that he or she has committed a major sin & that he or she should be afraid of Allah's wraith for that & should keep repenting his or her whole life.

Now, for the one who took an oath on the Qur'an & has to break it then he or she should fast for 3 days as an expiation (kaffara) for breaking oath on Qur'an & should repent a lot & ask Allah to forgive him or her whenever he or she remembers.

Taking oath on Qur'an is an extremely serious matter & one should refrain from doing so. The Islamic Scholar who answered this question told me that his grandfather's brother once took oath on Qur'an & said that if I'm lying then may my children are born with leprosy. He said that even now his every 3rd or 4th grandchild is born with this disease.

May Allah help us & may he save us from taking oath on Qur'an may it be true or false. Aameen.

And Allah knows best!

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