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Topic #24: Can we read Quran in other languages? Reading Quran in English.

Can we read Qur'an in other languages? Reading Qur'an in English.

Can we read Quran in other languages? Reading Quran in English. [english mein quran ki tilawat]

There is no such compulsion as one should read the Qur'an in only Arabic and not in other languages.

Though it is Mustahab (recommended form of worship or action) to read in Arabic but one can read it in any other language he/she wants to provided the translation should be from a reliable and authentic source.

Why Arabic? Because the translated one is no longer in it's original harmonic provided by the God and also consider that you want to drink water and compare drinking from a glass with drinking from a spoon. The water is same but the utensil from which we drink the water is very important. In same way, the Arabic structure and grammar can traverse more information and feel with always fresh optimized words and sentence length as it is the language in which it was revealed.

And Allah knows best!

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An English Translation I'd recommend is this one by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan: