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Topic #33: Are Shias kafir (infidels)?

Are Shias kafir?

Are Shias kafir (infidels)? [kya kafir jannat me jayenge; kya shia kafir hai; kya shia musalman hai; kya shia muslim hai; क्या शिया काफिर है]

Definition of Kafir

One who adamantly denies or opposes the truth; Commonly translated as ‘infidel’; Derivatively and positively, a farmer who hides the seed under the soil (SEE: Quran 57:20). Therefore, Kufr or Kafir does not apply to the unaware, anyone to whom the message has not been conveyed or reached. Rather it refers to one who rejects the truth after it has been CLEARLY manifested to him, and he’s become fully cognizant of it with no reason left for him to deny or reject it (given the recipients circumstance, and faculties)

Are shias kafir?

Anyone who believes in Allah, believes in His Revealed Books, believes in His appointed Messengers, believes in the Angels, believes in the Hereafter and believes in the Divine Decrees of Allah; and declares the testification of faith by saying that there is no god except Allah Alone, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is His Messenger, is a muslim.

If a person who has declared himself to be a muslim has some weakness in his faith or practice, Allah has not given the right to the other believers to ex-communicate him and declare him a non-muslim! Allah alone will decide on the Day of Judgement who lived his life as a True Muslim, and who did not. It does not behove a believer, who sincerely fears Allah and the Last Day, to himself start choosing who are the true muslims and who are not!

Allah, on the Day of Judgment will decide who amongst mankind truly followed His Guidance and obeyed His Messenger (peace be upon him). He will Judge with Justice and only on that Day one will find out who is a true muslim, and who is not. Allah will not Judge man according to whether he called himself a Shia, or a Sunni, or a Hanafi, or a Malaki, or a Ismaili, or a Bohra, etc.

So let us not come to a conclusion & call each other a Kafir. Allah has given us absolutely no right to decide who will enter Jannah and who will not.

And Allah knows best!

May he unite the ummah. Aameen.

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